If you own or manage a restaurant, then creating your restaurant task list is an important process. You have to organize everything in your restaurant business in order for you to run the restaurant business efficiently and effectively. In most cases, the restaurant task list is what is used by the management of a certain restaurant to keep track of the employees and the things that have to be done. When we talk about the restaurant task lists, we can come up with four categories or sections which are, scheduling of shifts, salaries of the employees and transactions in the kitchen.

o Scheduling of shifts. This is actually the most important part in any restaurant. It is because when the staff finishes their shift at their respective workplaces, the whole restaurant will be expecting them to come back immediately so that they can continue working. That is why it is always best to have a schedule so that you can give each of the staff their proper amount of time off.

o Salaries of the employees. This is the second most important aspect in running a restaurant. The salary of the staff is directly connected to the profitability of the restaurant. Thus, you need to make sure that you are giving appropriate salaries to all the employees. It is also best if you give annual leaves to some employees who will retire per year while others will be given with the notice period.

o Transactions in the kitchen. This is also one of the important parts of the restaurant task list that needs to be accomplished. The restaurant staff should know how many tasks there are in the kitchen that they have to finish before the next shift starts. By completing these tasks, you can free up more hours for the restaurant so that you can do other necessary restaurant activities such as marketing or just relax.

o Transactions in the dining area. One of the most important things in running a restaurant is that you have to manage the lines perfectly. You can start by establishing the proper food and beverage service as well as the right ordering system in the dining area. As the restaurant tasks list goes on, the staff should also learn about the right way to increase profitability such as eliminating line traffic, serving alcoholic beverages to the customers who don’t order them, setting the right table size, and other important tasks.

o Training of the staff. After the completion of the tasks in the different areas, you have to train your staff to ensure that they are always on their best behavior. You can assign some employees to be the waiters and servers. Some employees will be tasked to work as dishwashers or bell boys. You can also make use of the computer system in your restaurant so that the staff can communicate with each other easily and finish the cooking in record time.